Our Vision

To be the preferred network for Black professionals and their allies in equity and tech.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear – ‘Elevate Black Excellence’ through equity and tech initiatives.

We are ambitious – leveraging on technology and partnerships to foster an inclusive, equitable and sustainable society.

We are reshaping the future of equity and tech by fostering learning, growth and connections within communities of Black professionals.

Our approach with both our community and external partners revolves around three key pillars: awareness, empowerment, and connection.

First – we raise awareness within the Black community about the opportunities available through various outreach programs, workshops, and networking events.

Secondly, we empower our community members by offering skills development workshops, mentorship programs, and career guidance sessions.

Lastly, we facilitate connections between Black talent and employers in the industry. Through partnerships with companies, recruitment agencies, and educational institutions.

Together, are reshaping a future that is sustainable, that positively reshape people and society, and can last a lifetime.

Black and Scot is a registered non-profit.

About Us